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EMDB001 Terex Titan 1:87 Scale Brass Model

With almost a quarter century of model building experience and over 170 projects to prove it, we can state with confidence that we have the ability to develop, manufacture and promote eye-catching, precision scale models to ensure customer satisfaction every time.  Models do much more than just excite the kid in all of us... they propel a company's image into the limelight.  As many prominent manufacturers noew realize, a quality model reflects a quality company that produces a quality product.

Models can...
  • Advance name recognition
  • Promote the real equipment they replicate
  • Provide instructive demonstration tools
  • Support sales incentives
  • Become "attention grabbers"
  • Reward performance
  • Make great gifts for all ages

Around the world, equipment manufacturers agreee that models are the finest promotional material available.  A growing number of industry personnel collect and prominently display models, which places an OEM's name in prominent view of their customers and clients alike.  In addition, sales personnel routinely use models to demonstrate features and improvements to prospective buyers, especially when it's not practical to examine functions or operational aspects of the real machine.

EMDD002_01 Bucyrus-Erie 22-B Shovel